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Platform(s) Windows
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Developer BFPFilms424/Tyler Alhstrom
Download(s) TBA

TycrazMania is a game made by BFPFilms424/Tyler Alhstrom.


Tycrazmania first started as TRTF's origin game in July of 2016, _RADSLA_. It was a normal point and click horror game that took place in Gilbert Facility where the office was a traveling funnel tube that traveled from floor to floor.

A month later in August it was pre-moved over to a new game concept idea to give Ty his OWN game, "Project Red Panda" (The placeholder name for Ty's very own game) The new game specifically for Ty was being planned from that day foward.

2 1/2 weeks later, it had it's first name: Ty's Questful Adventure (meant to be a family friendly E for everyone game) featuring Ty and his woodland friends on a quest to stop the evil Master Volendez. The game took place in the forest with many standing talking woodland creatures, Ty used a weapon "the sledgehammer", that was the same weapon Adventure Fairytale used in Adventure Mode in TRTF5 (an unfinished game by BFP).

In August it was later moved to become a full name REDUX, and was planned to move the maturity slightly higher to a T rating twas the name of the game turned into: Tytropicopolis. The game then was changed to take place in the tropical islands like Hawaii, etc. The location on where the game took place due to it not being different enough. Hawaii seemed too obvious of a place. Ty still had his sledgehammer, but Ty's woodland friends were removed, however the standing talking animals stayed.

In September, Ty was given the opportunity of a lifetime to have his turn on the stage with a full-blown mature audience giving him the Advantage to get away with wildy mature approaches, a brand new and original dark plot with villans, blood and gore, alcohol and drug use, intense language, MANY 4th wall breaking, lots of comedy, and many more for Ty to explore. Therefore giving it a big fat M for Mature rating, twas the game had it's final name, "Tycrazmania" with inspirations from many nastaulgic games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Banjo Kazooie, Ratchet & Clank, and as someone mentioned which I found kinda funny and I quote: "Guys, Tycrazmania could finally be the closest thing we could get to a Conker game." Which actually seemed pretty close to being true now that I thought about it. Ty's to this day still has his sledgehammer, and always will. Ty's woodland friends were re-added, but instead used as shopkeeper(s), villan(s), and for cutscene(s). The game's location was then changed the final time to Africa. Master Volendez was also renamed to Prof. Volendez.

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Papa Frank

Lil' Franky


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